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Maryellenoneill about 3 hours ago

Overnight Oats (gf, v)

My car's GPS led me to Bobo's. You see, my 2013 toyota did not recognize my sister's new home address and it took me to Somers. I had been traveling from Maryland and, coming off the exit, I saw Bobo's sign. Coffee, i thought. Coffee and a break would help me get to my sister's in Baldwin Place. I walked in to a happy, crowded cafe that smelled like warm sugar and toasted bread, soaked in espresso. Place was poppin'. All tables taken with coffee and happiness enthusists. Waiting in line, I noticed the offerings in the case. A fruit laden topped parfait caught my eye. I picked it up and saw the bottom, and curiously and frighteningly asked the server, " Is this tunafish?" (#tunaiscatfoodtome) He smiled and said, "No, overnight oats." I placed an order of a red eye coffee and the oats and waited. A table opened and when my order came, my overnight oats obsession officially began. Berries to chopped walnuts to soft granola ratio was mathematical genius. Subtle hint of cinnamon joined with earthy flavored grains. My spoon dove to last layer. It was a creamy blend of oatmeal that had the texture of a pudding. Almost a rice pudding feel to it. It was absolutely delicious. It was one of the best things I have eaten in a long time. The red eye espresso paired well with the oats in front of me. That Bobo's plastic container will now serve as a water dish for my dog, Max, when he travels with me in the car. I found my way to Baldwin place with a happy tummy. The next day, I took my sister and my niece to Bobo's again. I couldn't stop talking about my oats. While we were researching Bobo's, we found out that soon they will be coming to Baldwin Place. Cheers erupted. The snow was about to fall in that small town in New York that Saturday. All was warm and cozy inside Bobo's as I had another oatmeal dish, this time with bananas. An avocado toast for my niece and for my sister, Moe's sandwich. To think, a lack of an update from a Toyota Venza led me to find Bobo's. I am now addicted. And so are the people I love who live in Baldwin Place.

Papollock 3 days ago

BBQ Grilled Cheese

my absolute favorite thing at bobo's! i wish i could make food this great, but why learn when i could just buy it here.

Papollock 3 days ago

Tuna Turner

this one's a classic! my son absolutely DEVOURED this sandwich, and was begging for more long after he finished.

Papollock 3 days ago

Avocado Goat Toast

the absolute best avocado toast in chappaqua! yummy, and a perfect combo of sweet and savory.

Amallia00 7 days ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

I love the acai bowls here because they're really refreshing, and a good size without making you too full or feel like you're wasting your money. You can customize your toppings which is great and the customer service is also amazing!

K 12 days ago

The Number One

It's called the Number One for a reason. This bacon egg and cheese is the BEST. Though a "morning favorite," it's delicious no matter what time of the day you eat it. Everything on this sandwich works together so well. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Sruthslp 15 days ago

Italian Grilled Cheese

Delicious! It was the perfect sandwich!

Amg1132 20 days ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

Fantastic acai bowl!!! So fresh and delish

Melissaricci14 22 days ago

The Number One

I stopped in here with my boyfriend after a couple friends had recommended this place and wow! We both got "The Number One" and the only thing I was upset about was the fact that we ordered the same thing so I couldn't try even more. So much to the point that i returned to the Somers location with my sister a couple days later and tried their matcha bowl. Outstanding!

Carolynsvoboda 24 days ago

The Popeye

Best salad I have ever had. The amount given is plenty for two meals for myself which makes this salad my Go-To. Thanks so much for making The Popeye Salad!

Favreaun186 29 days ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

These are amazing! You can custom make yours any way you'd like with fresh ingredients!

Susannahkimsal about 1 month ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

I come to this Bobo's all the time! The owners are super friendly and they make the BEST granola! Their acai bowls taste so healthy and refreshing! They are definitely the best I've had. Highly recommend!

Djkarate543 about 2 months ago


Everything here is amazing!! The service and food are great!

Julesb1011 about 2 months ago

Overnight Oats (gf, v)

Excellent, excellent!!!! No exaggeration, compared to a competitor with yogurt and grains in a flip bowl, no comparison. Plus there's extra in the bowl BoBo provides! Thanks for great food and ingredients.

Kikig1222 2 months ago


My go-to no matter what time of day!

Knf 2 months ago

The Number One

By far one of my fav dishes at Bobo's. It's a typical New York breakfast with a twist. My go to dish on a Saturday morning with an iced coffee

Madison 2 months ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

I have a large iced matcha green tea almost every day, no exaggeration - best tasting drink I've ever had in my life, and I'm quite picky about my eating habits. Also, it comes in a variety of milk, such as coconut or almond, which can be a healthier alternative for people. Once in a while, I'll order a pitaya bowl with the drink, and instantly feel great. It's insanely healthy! There's not a better way to start my day.

Victoriaminiaci 2 months ago

The Number One

Never had a bacon egg and cheese like this before. If you haven't tried this then you're missing out. Can't get enough of this place

Nap205 2 months ago

The Number One

My wife and I ordered these, and we've been back again for the same thing. Best breakfast sandwich around! Great mix of flavors. And excellent service with a smile :)

Rbrauer 3 months ago

The Number One

The BEST item on the Bobo's Menu. I love how spicy and cheesy this sandwich is and it's exactly what I need to wake me up in the morning. It's not overly filling and just perfect. Not only that, but the employees are always so nice.

Papollock 3 days ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

the portions are great, and the food is delicious.

Papollock 3 days ago

Classic Grilled Cheese

this one's a classic, and thank god for it! my daughter - a picky eater - didn't think there would be anything to her liking at bobo's, yet is asking for more as i write this.

Papollock 3 days ago

The Number One

when it is called the number one, you know it's gonna be good. this is my go-to sandwich for the commute to work!

Cc69764p 6 days ago


Most delicious , fluffy and perfectly sweet waffles ever. Love the added Nutella and fruit perfect pair.

Brackenfeldman 8 days ago

The Number One

This is the best breakfast Sandwich in the world! Well I haven't traveled much but this would be the sandwich I would compare all the other breakfast sandwiches to!

Kristen 13 days ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

I am obsessed with this! It is so delicious and fresh! The small is the perfect portion and there are many topping options. Best acai bowl I've ever had!

Laurenxo98 16 days ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

The pitaya and Açaí bowls are delicious here! There are not many places in our area where you can get a bowl, let alone a good one. Over the summer I work in Lewisboro and everyone asks me to bring them a bowl in the morning! I love Bobo's and would recommend to everyone!

Friedman 21 days ago

The Bowl Pack

This is just one of my many favorite dishes at Bobo's but it is definitely one of the best! My husband and I probably go WAY more often than we should, and I always end up debating between the bowl pack and a smoothie bowl. I love that there is a local cafe that does great vegan/vegetarian options besides an egg and cheese!

Renee 22 days ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

AÇAÍ with Nutella, coconut, and granola! The only thing my 13 year craves and will actually eat all of. Thank you Bobos!

Slp6500 28 days ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

Best bowls ever! Blue bowl is my favorite

Rachelmizrahi about 1 month ago

The Bowl Pack

Delicious, healthy bowl! Lots of flavor and super filling. Definitely makes for a great breakfast or lunch.

Claireclifford01 about 1 month ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

These are AMAZING!!!!! I tell everyone I know to come here just for these because they are so good!

Sydneysaltiel about 2 months ago

BBQ Grilled Cheese

BEST GRILLED CHEESE! I get it almost every time I go to Bobo's and each time my friends wish that they had gotten it too. 10/10

Lmdoyle4 about 2 months ago


Light, flaky and delicious. The perfect accompaniment to their rich and robust coffee. You don't have to go to Paris to enjoy!!

Alyssa 2 months ago

Pitaya - Acai - Matcha

I got an acai bowl, I love the granola and it was the perfect size.

Ajith 2 months ago

South of the Border

Their salads are fresh and served with the utmost customer service

Kslive 2 months ago

South of the Border

it was delicious!

Alaskapines 2 months ago


Everything I have ever eaten here is fresh and delicious. You can tell that they use quality ingredients and that their chefs make everything fresh. I highly recommend this place!

Genesispepe 2 months ago


This is just one of the amazing items they have to offer. I love how accommodating they are to gluten free people like me, it is always hard to find a place that has a variety of gluten free items. Love this place.


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